Play live music videos anywhere

With Vidify, you can automatically reproduce music videos of what's playing on your computer on any device.


The perfect atmosphere

Vidify is ideal to play the right content on your devices. It's specially designed for bars, clubs and home theaters. Music videos are surprisingly entertaining; they help people get into the music and enjoy themselves more.

Fully automatic

Vidify reproduces the music videos automatically, depending on what's playing on a computer. Just start any music player like Spotify and we'll play the music videos for you.



See for yourself how Vidify looks like on its different platforms.


Vidify’s desktop app is completely open source. It’s available for free to anyone. If you want to use it on your TV or phone, you’ll need to subscribe on Google Play. Regardless, you can try out the demo without a cost.



Perfect for entertainment at home

  • Play videos on the same computer (Windows or Linux)
  • Demo version for the Android app



Suitable for bars, clubs, home theaters...

  • Play videos on the same computer (Windows or Linux)
  • Full access to the Android app

Check out the Getting Started article to learn how it’s intalled and how to get it running.

The latest updates

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